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Origgo means Origin. 

We like to keep it simple, fresh and useable.

We want our stories to reach to you in various forms.

To remind you that in this chaotic consumer's world there are some who create things not only to make you smile but also to keep the passion alive.

Everytime you buy an Origgo you make our lives worth living.



Hi this is Shrutee!!Creating new ideas is what drives me forward. As a designer I have learnt to keep my avenues open in all direction which has led me to dip my fingers in many fields of design. From completing my Bachelors at NIFT to Masters at Domus Academy Milano I have worked in various forms of design and gained experience in various cities of the world. It was my dream to combine my passions for different design forms like fashion, art, graphic and crafts. All that has led me to start a new journey with ORIGGO.